Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blogs and Email

We all know that when you write an email or a blog you can't use tone of voice or gestures to help convey your meaning. I made a mistake with my writing last night when I wrote the last paragraph. When I said it in my head it sounded cute and a little sarcastic. He took it as all sarcasm and a little naggy, so he wrote a sarcastic remark right back at me. I decided to delete it mainly because it hurt my feelings. When I went back and read my words without my cutesy voice I realized it did sound demeaning. Does that mean he should have written a yucky comment back, no I don't think so, but he did.

So, I'm apologising to you Jonathan, for forgetting that blogs don't have a tone of voice.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What is the opposite of Super Supper?

Because whatever it is, we had it tonight. Or perhaps I should say didn't have it. I was running late this afternoon so Jonathan started supper, grilled chicken, baked beans, green beans, and grilled pineapple. Sounds pretty good right? Well, Jonathan cut into his chicken first and immediately spit it out when he bit it. I tried it and it was like biting into one of those toy rubber chickens, and it didn't taste right. Ugh, so I don't know if the chicken was bad or what. If it was bad I'm not sure why because I bought it before the sell by date and immediately froze it. So, it was an official fend for yourself night. Laine had chicken nuggets, Bowen had waffles and I ate everything planned in the meal except for the chicken. It's so frustrating when supper is ruined for some reason.

Tomorrow and Friday are Field Days at my school. I'm ready for 2:50 on Friday because that means my stress is over for the year. And to those of you who read my blog and work with me, sorry about the NO SHORTS rule, I decided I wouldn't wear shorts either if no one else could.

I'm SO excited for summer!

Jonathan do you even READ by blog anymore? If you do, it would be great if you would comment every once in a while. I mean not every time just sometimes! Love Ya, Thanks.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day!

We had a grand time over at Travis and Julie's house today! Everyone came home tired and a little sunburned. I blame the sunburn on the fact that spray on sunscreen is not a good as the lotion kind. Last summer, I bought some and at the end of my swimming lessons I could see the ribbon of white skin in a sea of redness. That's the way we all look this afternoon because I chose to use someone 's sunscreen instead of bringing my own. Now, I'll know better.
This is going to be a busy week with field day two days this week and just all the other end of the year stuff. Eight more days of school for me!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

*When you are running in hot weather, does it ever start feeling cooler?

*I met someone this afternoon that I generally did not like, that rarely happens to me.

*This afternoon I was able to walk around my gym for next year, it was SO big and it doesn't look like a dungeon!

*My swimming lessons are already full up. So if you see me the week of June 9th and I look like a prune, don't worry, I'll be OK.

*Jonathan went to the midnight showing of Indiana Jones last night and HATED it.

*I PLUCKED a hair off my CHIN tonight. Wait. What did I say? What I meant to say was, hmmmm...Son of a bitch?

* I love new tennis shoes, and, does it ever get easier to run in the heat?

* How do my kids keep getting cuter, will they blow up from cuteness?

*Every once in a while when I think about my new job, I panic and think "Am I doing the right thing?" but then I get better.

* T-minus not very long until: School is over, Jonathan's new job starts, gas prices make me ACTUALLY throw-up instead of just feeling like it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shauna is giving stuff away!

My friend Shauna designs blogs and they are SUPER cute, take mine for example! Head on over to and enter to win a blog redesign!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Proud as a Peacock!

On Saturday night our family attended a Luau for the Seniors at Jonathan's school. It was a beautiful home with a beautiful pool that I had to work very hard at keeping my youngest child out of. We ate some great food and I always enjoy people watching. Jonathan had told me that we were invited mainly because he was going to speak to the Seniors. I always take that kind of thing in stride because nothing Jonathan does surprises me. He had also spoken the night before at Senior chapel, which I didn't go to because I was busy plowing through a bottle of wine with a good friend from school.

All that to tell this. Late in the evening, after everyone had finished eating my husband's principal got up to get the evening started. He began talking about Jonathan with some of the kindest words I had ever heard spoken about Jonathan. He said he was what made SCS a Christian school, he said he would miss seeing him in the halls, he talked about the lives he has changed for the better. He said lots of things I can't remember now because all I could think was first how proud I felt and second panic because I was taking Jonathan away from something he was born to do. He doesn't know that is what I think and he won't unless he reads this because I know he feels strongly about his future job and our future a a family, and because later I asked him if all that made him reconsider what he was doing and he said it just confirmed that he had done a great job and now it was time to do a great job at something else. After he finished talking, which was great by the way, he spoke about self-esteem, and how Satan uses it to make us all stumble. He challenged parents that night by asking them to pray right them with their Senior, and revealed his own fight with anger and how Satan has such a grip on him for a while because of it.

After the talk was over and all during the night previously parents would come up and tell me what an impact Jonathan had on their child, they thanked me for sharing him with the school and their son or daughter, and they said they understood and encouraged his decision to do what was right for our family. It was a surreal thing, kind of like I was married to a celebrity that night and to his students that is kind of what he is.

Pictures, it's been a while

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Picnic in the front yard, margaritas galore!
Laine and Reegan
The whole fam damily

Four Square Championship of the Universe!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Very Happy Mother's Day!

We had a family get together in Abilene this weekend. Meredith and Ryan and Blake arrived just a little after us on Friday evening and after supper we went to see Iron Man while Mimi and Paco kept the kids. I really enjoyed the movie, it was a great start to the Mother's Day weekend. Saturday we made breakfast burritos and then shopped a little in the afternoon. The very best part of Saturday was the picnic we had in the front yard. We decided that a margarita and some chips and salsa sounded really good for a late afternoon snack. So, Mom went to get Margarita mix, I went to Rosa's to get chips and salsa, Dad went to Alfredo's to get some queso and Meredith got out a quilt to sit on. Pretty soon, the kids had swim suits on playing in the sprinkler, and the adults were sipping on margaritas and enjoying chips, salsa, queso and guac. The weather was nice in the shade and we were basking in the wonderfulness of our idea. Later we managed to eat steak and baked potatoes too. Then Sunday came and the San Angelo group came for Mother's Day. I started my day with a run to get ready for Luke's training that starts on Saturday. We fixed and ate lunch, opened presents, and then hung out for a while. I received a really cute zebra striped purse and a "Do Work, Son" Rob and Big t-shirt, awesome. I told Jonathan that I might have been the only mother to receive that present and really enjoy it! Then the real fun began, I got some sidewalk chalk and drew a 4-square on the neighbor's driveway and we (all the kids) played 4-square for a really long time. We are quite a competitive bunch so it was pretty heated, I have to say I was definitely the best player. We are now staying with the family we stayed with for a month this summer, we really enjoy hanging out with these kids! It's going to be a great week!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I haven't had a Diet Coke in 4 days!

I know, what am I thinking right? Well it's not for any reason but the fact that I HAVE A BLADDER INFECTION and was so sick I couldn't eat anything real until today. Aaack, a few years back I had a bout with recurrent bladder infections and ended up having to go to a urologist to have testing done, luckily everything was OK, I just had to take antibiotics for a long time. So, I'm really hoping this goes away and stays away. I still feel really tired and weak, but I did eat a burrito today, which is progress.

I got sick just in time for Bowen's birthday, it was later in the day so I had perked up a little by then. We had so much fun, the kids LOVED decorating the toolboxes my father-in-law Ray made for Bowen's Bob the Builder party. Let me just say that we are always so grateful to Ray for his creative mind, he is the original Bob the Builder. It was a beautiful day for an outside party and after the party we invited all the family over for brisket with all the trimmings, so yummy.

Operation Gate on the Bedroom Door got off to a rocky start, so rocky in fact Bowen threw-up the first night we put it up. Yes, he got out of bed for his usual midnight wanderings to find the gate there (we did tell him and show him all about it). I allowed him to fuss a little before I went in and then he wanted Daddy and then when Daddy came he was crying so hard he gagged and barfed. Ugh. Since then it's been getting better, but what would I know since I've been taking phenagren.

And here's a picture just for Linda:

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy Birthday BOWEN!

Let's see, this time three years ago, I was getting ready to push Bowen Cole Williams into this great big world! So to commemorate his birth here is a list of things I love about Bowen:

1. his big brown eyes

2. the way he loves stuffed animals

3. he loves his big sister and wants to sleep in her bed every night

4. he's a mommy's boy

5. because he is such a boy

6. he can play for long amounts of time by himself

7. his cute little baby face

8. the way he has to have pants on all the time but he loves to run around naked after bath time.

9. he can find things ( I know this doesn't sound like a big deal but his sister can't find her heiney with two hands, so it's nice)

10. He has a sweet spirit and a caring heart.

11. he likes to draw on himself with markers.

12. the fact that he is no longer a newborn

We have the Bob the Builder party later today, I'm sure I'll have some great pictures later.