Monday, March 19, 2007

The DL on DW

Mother @%#&@&, son of a ^*#@!.....

I just typed an ENTIRE post and I pushed some unknown series of buttons and, *poof* it frickin' disappeared.


Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank You. The trip to Disney World was incredible. From the safari at Animal Kingdom to the Princess lunch in Norway all the way over to the Magic Kingdom our trip was filled with memories that will last a lifetime. I loved seeing the wonder in Laine and Bowen's eyes. I loved riding the fast pass rides and being able to walk past hundreds of people waiting in line. I even loved falling in bed at night exausted from having so much fun. My favorite thing of all was getting to experience it all with the people that matter the most. Thanks for the wonderful Christmas present.


OK that's all for tonight, the erasing was too much.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Lots and lots of stuff...and I like BIG butts and I cannot lie.

You know, I could show you a picture of my new washer and dryer.

Or I could tell you a story about how my daughter stood in the middle of her classroom the other day with a book between her legs saying "hey everybody, look at my new weiner" while dancing around. Sorry I don't have a picture of that one.

I could talk about Bowen's severely swollen lips. We think it was from some bubbles he was blowing and putting in his mouth.

Also, Bowen had a PTA program and we heard from his teachers that he was a little scared being behind the curtain. His teachers' remedy for that was to let him ride in the bye-bye buggie with the Infant A class. When the buggie rolled up here is what we saw:

Yes, that's Bowen with other babies that don't even eat solid foods yet. They can barely hold up their pretty little heads and there's Bowen looking like he ate the baby whose seat he's in.

Finally, before I get to the real blog, I ran a half marathon. It totally rocked! It was hard and fun and I'm so glad I did the training.

So there's a quick update on all the goings on in my life! Let's get down to what I want to talk about: my big butt. and poochy tummy. You see since the hypothyroid diagnosis I've gained a little weight, that's one of the main symptoms. I figured with the medicine and all the training I'd lose the weight, no problem. Not so. My jeans seem to be getting tighter instead of looser, I have a poochy tummy that I've only had twice in my life. When I was about 14-15 weeks pregnant with my children. I have a muffin top when I wear my favorite jeans. I know you're thinking "oh it's muscle, muscle weights more that fat". I just want to say, muscle can suck my big toe. I had another round of bloodwork done on friday and I've been reading all these articles on the internet stating how hard it is for people with hypothyroid to lose weight. Grrrrrr. I'm not good at restricting my diet. My answer to extra weight up until now has always been exercise more, and it worked. Looks like I'll be having to restrict food and that sounds like no fun and I mean I don't eat really bad, I'm a fairly healthy person. So, I'll be buying a flowey tankini for a suit this summer, no bikini for me!