Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hello Summer

I am typing this at a Mc Donalds in Mansfield for 2 reasons:

1. We live in Mansfield right now
2. We have to no internet connection along with no cable and no home phone

We closed on our house and moved into a rent house given to us at a very good deal by some friends from SCS days. It is in Mansfield, way far awayville if you're used to Fort Worth stomping grounds. Right now I have no oven or garbage disposal because the people are flipping this house and it isn't quite flipped yet. We're making it though!

We have a home that is being built in Benbrook, I am really excited about it, and will be even more so after spending the summer away from Fort worth! We love where we live!

Here is a Bowen story:

He was at my friend Julie's house and a fire truck came blaring down the street and he said "what the hell?" Only Laine heard she chastised him. Then everyone had the goggles at the pool and he couldn't find any "what the hell??" this time the adults heard. Later they told me how impressed they were that he used the phrase in the right context and everything! I had gotten on to him earlier in the week for saying it just mumbling to himself in the car. He tried to cover it up but he said it! My word! It has been used quite a lot in our circle of friends!

We are looking forward to a great summer of swimming, a trip to Cali, a nephew, and a new home!