Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sleepiest Vampire in the whole world!

Last night we braved the yucky weather (only because we love the Reinkes AND we forked out non-refundable dough) and went to BOO at the Zoo. It ended up to being a really great time, I dressed the kids in their thermal underwear under their costumes and away we went! It was great, no lines, no sweat like some years, no worries that we were going to lose the kids among the throngs of people...

we did forget the camera, maybe that was good because of the light mist but just look at this sleeping vampire we took a picture of after we arrived home:

Isn't she cute?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Just for Laughs!

You might have to squint at the screen to read the descriptions of poop but yes, there was or is a dude named Bristol who decided there are 7 types of poop. There you have it folks, I would think 1 and 7 would be the most unhealthy ones to have. I mean I say a guy named Bristol, that's usually how science works, this guy must have been the top scientist of feces, I bet he was the talk at all the parties. I'm going to Google it right now and find out for sure.
Edited to add: developed at the University of Bristol by a guy named Heaton. Numbers 3 and 4 are the ideal stools to have. Write that down in your big chief notebook

Monday, October 12, 2009

Skin, poop and costumes

Perhaps not in that order...

Tomorrow Bowen has an appointment with a GI specialist to examine his GI? Really he's been having transient diarrhea the only reason I know to call it that is the Internet. It comes and goes and we don't know why but 4 year olds aren't supposed to have the runs for days in a row. So, they will probably do all sorts of tests that will require prizes, I can't even imagine so I'm just not thinking about it. But what I hope the most is that is doesn't involve him drinking any barium fluid given Bowen's propensity for barfing. So, say a prayer for Bowen tomorrow!

Laine and Bowen received their costumes in the mail the other day and were TOTALLY exited about it! Laine actually wanted to be something scary this year and went for a vampire. Bowen, oh, Bowen. Jonathan and I kiddingly call him gamer, dungeon master etc...but when he requested to be Dan from Bakugan we just laughed and knew our fate was sealed! So here are some pictures of the Vampiress and Dan the Man:

My skin! It looks better! I wanted to show some before and after pictures and tell you guys what I have been using just in case you are interested. Some of it is Wal Mart cheap some of it is a Rx and some you need to get on Ebay so it is not so expensive.
This picture was taken right after I went to the dermatologist:

About 4 weeks after I started using all the stuff they told me to use:

Taken Last week:

Here is what I am using:

A face wash without any oil in it Regular Cetaphil not the one for oily skin, funny enough it has oil in it.

RX- Epiduo it has benzoil perozide and whatever Retin-A is in it. It's awesome!

At night I use a Glycolic acid face wash from Jan Marini. You can get it cheaper on ebay.

At night I also use an antioxidant face cream from Revale. It's expensive, but has won awards and every woman in my dermatologist's office uses it. Again, look on ebay to find it cheaper.

Oh and please excuse my right eye in those pictures, it had decided to go off and party the night before those pictures, and is actually still misbehaving and partying all night long! It looks terrible!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Eagerly awaiting the mail!

Because I knew that our picture CD from Now and Then Photography would be in my mailbox one day this week! Lisa is awesome as I have said before, here are a few more pictures that I love! I can't wait to put them in frames all over my house. They are beautiful, funny and bring out the best in each one of us! Thanks again Lisa!

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Date Night!

We had a Mom/Bowen, Dad/Laine date night last Saturday! Jonathan had the idea and it was great! He said we needed to spend some alone time with each of the kids once in a while so we are starting a family tradition!

Bowen got to choose what he wanted to do, I know that's a little risky with a 4 year old but I thought he chose well. We went to eat at Chili's and the went bowling. His first choice was Putt-Putt but it was raining so we had to have a plan B. BTW, Bowen beat me.

Laine and Jonathan went with the surprise date. Jonathan took Laine to the Italian Inn and then they ventured over to the Miniature horse show at Will Rogers. Laine loved it and at one point I actually received video of mini horses pulling regular sized people in carts. Wow. They had a blast.