Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crap Bandits

One of the animals in our house has the craps. We've eliminated Pumpkin Batman because when he has the craps he poops on the bath mat and scratches it into a little ball for me to unwrap like a little present. So, it has to be one of the dogs, I suspect Sadie. The other night Jonathan was having some sinus issues and he thought his drainage was getting really bad, so bad in fact that it smelled and tasted bad in his mouth. Then he said he thought one of the dogs threw up. I got up and peered around the corner into the kitchen (because throw up is always less gross when viewed partially or at an angle) and there it was, but there it wasn't. it was poop not throw up. So we became the Crap Bandits in order to clean up the mess without making a bigger one. I was not worried about myself but was extremely worried about Jonathan and the fact that he was using my scarf to shield his face from the stench. So as he was cleaning and gagging I was yelling DON'T YOU DARE THROW UP ON MY SCARF. I should have said don't barf on my scarf! That was a rhyme! Anyway, he did the initial clean up and I did detail duty. I thought we were free and clear this morning until Bowen stepped in poop in Laine's room. Grrrrr...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

You asked for it, you got it!

I am hosting a guest blogger today, I felt that I wasn't qualified to tell the "Hamster Tragedy" since it wasn't my hamster and I wasn't a part of their demise. So here is "Hamster Tragedy" told by Mike Thomesen:

We never owned a male hamster; that means that Speck came to us already pregnant. Speck lived in one of those Habitrail cages, gold plastic with all sorts of clear plastic tubes to run through. Mom and I were alarmed when Speck appeared to be pregnant. When little hamsters were born, we knew they would need a home so that our house did not become a hamster farm. I asked the sophomores I taught if anyone was interested in taking one of the babies. I had several takers. My instructions were, "Bring a paper sack tomorrow, meet me after last period, and, oh yeah, make sure everything is ok with your parents." Next morning I put the whole Habitrail in my plum colored 1989 VW Jetta. That morning was cold, so I knew it would be safe to leave the hamsters in the car. By 2nd period the sun had come out. The outside temperature never got that high, but inside the car, things heated up. When I went out during sixth period so I could bring in the hamsters, I found that they had overheated and all were dead. Speck had swollen up so much that I could barely get her out of the tube. I put them all in the dumpster and went inside to tell some disappointed 10th graders that there would be no free hamsters. We laughed a lot. It wasn't as funny when I had to tell you and Meredith that Speck would not be coming home.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Numero Dos!

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Our Wal-Mart-awesome band shirts!

Williams Family picture-

We had a great time in Magnolia Springs over New Year's/Christmas! When we got home we could hear some really loud Mariachi music (not uncommon) in our neighborhood. So after a few minutes we decided to go see where the music was coming from. I drove Bowen around with the windows down and Jonathan and Laine rode scooters and bikes to do the searching. We found the source of the music just a block off our street! I pulled over to the side of the road and pretty soon Jonathan was waving me over. One of the hosts of the party had invited us over, got us chairs, offered the kids a Fanta and us a Cerveza! So we sat and listened to Mariachi music and sipped beer for about 45 minutes in someone's yard we had never met before! And they all spoke Spanish! And pointed at us! It was AWESOME!