Monday, May 28, 2007

Guess what I did today?

Hit a parked car. What a dummy. I mean, how many hundrends of times have I turned left into a parking space? I turned just like I always do and bam, or maybe scrrratch, there was the nice expedition with an injury and poor Myrtle grill is ALL ganked up. The good part is I left my information on the windshield and later the guy called. He was really nice and thankfully all the scratches rubbed right out! Whew! Myrtle's probably won't rub all the way out and now we have to decide whether or not to claim it on insurance. Then I had a headache all day long. But before that we had a GREAT tme at the State Critirium Finals (bicycle) at Will Rodgers Parking lot area. It was lots of fun to see guys riding bikes real fast around a mile long track. I would have taken pictures but I was distracted after the car incident and forgot it.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I was bored...

I was bored while ago and decided to show my "transformation" from no make-up to full make-up. I don't know why all my text is underlined, let me try to fix it.

Better? Yes.

No make up:
What I call the basics, foundation, blush, powder, mascara.
If I have time I usually add eyeliner, a little shadow and I fill in my eyebrows.

Want to play? Maybe you're bored too!
BTW we haven't founf the milk. We're thinking it got thrown away accidentally.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Harry Potter Nerd

At the bottom of my blog you will find something that makes me a total nerd. It's a countdown to the days the 5th HP movie and the last HP book. I'm so excited!

I had a great Mother's Day, we spent the weekend in Abilene and got to spend sometime with the cutest baby born after mine. It was fun to hang out with Robin and Koby and then Sunday with Linda and Granny and Grandad.

Only 7 more school days left! It doesn't seem real yet since the end of the year is always busiest for me with Field Day and all that. I'm showing "the movie" to the 4th graders tomorrow, I hope I survive the boys.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Somewhere in my house...

is an almost full gallon of milk.

This morning I went to make my usual bowl of cereal and the skim milk wasn't there. So I went and asked Jonathan if he had finished it or seen it and he hadn't. So where is it? If I find it I promise to take a picture of it right where I find it. This should be interesting...or gross.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bowen's 2!


You know a couple of months ago when Mere posted about forgetting to register for the half marathon? Well I have a story that goes along the same line, you now the line of regret and helplessness.

When we started planning Bowen's party we decided to have it at my school. I asked my principal and he said that would be great. He is very cool about all that stuff, he's generous and helpful, I really like and respect him. He met us up at school at 8:30 Saturday morning and let us in. Well we had the party, cleaned up and left. I called him after we left to tell him we were done. Fast forward a couple of hours and I'm hearing my cell phone ring at Ikea. I answer and it's my principal. We left the door to the school open when we left. Oh. Shit. You know that panicky, hot, adrenaline feeling you get when you get a shock, that was me. I never once thought about the door. He kind of gave me a hard time in a half-joking, half-not way and I hung up. Let me tell you guys something, I cannot forgive myself for that. I mean, my personality is one that #1 wants to follow rules and #2 wants people to like and trust me. There is not one thing I can do to fix what we did, I want to make it better SO BAD. I've constructed many apology notes in my head but most of them sound like diarrhea of the mouth. I apologized, and that's all I can do and I hate that. Sorry to post a yuccky story but Blogger won't let me upload pictures of the party so I'll get to the fun stuff when it's fixed. Blech.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Bowen!

Bowen's second birthday with be forever remembered as "dark". Mostly because our electricity went out last night about 6:30 and wasn't on when I left this morning at 7. We had a pretty bad storm race through with winds about 75 mph. So we have a picture of Bowen by one of the candles we had lit to see stuff like socks and if they match or not. I think Bowen had a good day, I took cupcakes for his friends at school and then he got a haircut. After the haircut we went to Central Market and ate and let the kids play for a while. Bowen's party is on Saturday, I'll post all the pictures then. What I can say most about Bowen's first two years is that he's like a fine wine, he gets better with age. Love ya Bowen!