Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'd like to thank the Academy...

Really, I'd like to thank Leslie for honoring me with the Beautiful Blogger award!

Here are the rules:

Thank the person who nominated you for this award.

Copy the award & place it on your blog.

Link to the person who nominated you for this award.

Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.

Nominate 7 bloggers

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7 interesting things about myself:

1. I get up at 5:00 three times a week to go workout before school. I never thought I would be able to do it, the weird part is i am considering adding more days because I feel better on the days I get up early.

2. My New Year's Resolution was to eat more vegetables, because I really don't like preparing them. So, now I lots more fresh raw veggies. Yay for me, not so much for my tummy.

3. I used to think praise music was the cheesiest thing I had ever heard in my life (like the kind with instruments). I was just listening to the wrong kind. Praise and worship music has completely changed my relationship with the Lord. Awesome.

4. I am a pretty good cook but ever since I've had to change my diet because of Migraine, I have hit a wall and have not completely recovered. I really get tired of reading ingredient lists so I buy the things that I know for sure work in my diet. If I could I would just shop at Central Market all the time, that would solve everything except my checkbook!

5. Someday I'm going to have Lasik and a boob job I'm not sure what order those will be in.

6. I need alone time to be a good wife and Mom. I have no problem whatsoever telling Jonathan that I need an hour, two hours, an afternoon, to myself to rejuvenate. He does an awesome job giving me that, especially since he is rejuvenated by being around people. It feels selfish sometimes, but when I get snappy and all it takes is 30 minutes of reading in my room to be happy again I realize it's just who I am.

7. I get trip anxiety. I can be going on the most exciting trip ever and I will dread it. Especially if my children are going. And if it involves tickets, and/or major transportation. Is it ridiculous? Hell yes! Does that stop it? No way! It's not that I'm afraid we'll crash or something like that. It's: Do we have everything packed? Do we have tickets, ID, etc...What if the kids don't have fun? What if someone gets sick? I mean seriously it's stupid. But I end up having a blast on every trip. Sure there is always the departure both ways anxiety but besides that, fun times galore!

My nominees:


2. Robin

3. Kristin

4. Holly

5. Annalee

6. Nie Nie

7. Mighty Girl

The last two bloggers on my list are famous! But, I wanted you to read their blogs for two separate reasons. Nie Nie is a blogger who is a Latter Day Saint. She and her husband were in a fiery plane crash and were lucky to make it out alive. Hers is a beautiful blog of hope, pain, belief, and lots of cute stuff. I love it, I love her honesty. Mighty Girl, Maggie Mason I would like you to check out because of her life list. She has made a list of things she wants to accomplish (do) during her life, some of them simple, some fascinating, some would not be on my list. It has challenged me to make a life list and I would like to challenge you to make a life list. I'm going to start working on mine.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Thoughts:

Laine lost her second front tooth today, that means she will be obtaining the chiclet-sized adult front teeth soon. This is why we got family pictures taken a few months ago. Wow. She does look super cute with her two front teeth missing!

I have been wearing my glasses way to much lately, not by choice. I always feel like I'm headed for bed when I have my glasses on, worthless.

We ordered Bowen a big boy seat this weekend. That means nothing. He still can't buckle himself in, I will still have a job. At least he will be able to undo it and climb out of his seat in less than 5 minutes.

Wow! I sound really sarcastic in all those thoughts above! Sorry.

Laine has started piano lessons, she loves it!

Bowen is creepy smart, the other night he spelled is name backwards. I called my mom to tell her and I spelled his name backwards wrong...

We are getting our house ready to put on the market. It is scary. I hate painting.

I have searched all over the whole house for one of Laine's DS games. I gave up. While ago I walked into Bowen's room and it was on the floor almost in the middle of the room. No one had been in there playing. Weirdo.

Tomorrow is Stephanie Day, I'm doing a dance because I'll come home and my house will be clean.

And most importantly Leslie awarded me with the Beautiful Blogger award! Thanks Leslie! I'll get to that tomorrow. Right now I need to finish cleaning up so that Stephanie can really clean!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alert! I'm actually doing something cool...

I am going to be a part of another blog...I know, I know you guys (or guy, maybe only one person still reads this thing) are thinking that I can't even keep up with one blog, how am I going to keep up with two? Well, hopefully I am going to get jump started on both because of:

Recipes Between Friends

It's exactly what it says it is! Leslie is heading it up, she's so cool and a few of us girls are going to be posting recipes that are quick, easy and yummy for your family to enjoy. I'm really excited about this because I've been in a kitchen rut. Boring. I'm ready to try someone elses food for a change!

So, head on over to the new blog and check it out, I've already posted a recipe!

I really need a blog makeover. And I'm not smart enough to figure out those free websites, or something. Anyone who wants to practice their skillz or wants to advertise on my blog ...HOLLA...I'm in a blog rut too and I can't pay big bucks for a design.

Someday I'll give you some pictures of what we did over Christmas, but I'll tell you right now:

went skiing
opened presents
had a flat tire
went to see Sherlock Holmes
opened presents
opened presents
ate food
ate food
made room for new toys

You know the usual stuff...