Monday, September 27, 2010


As parents we all have expectation for our children. Big ones (that they will be followers of God), small ones, (that they will eat their green beans), and all the expectations that fall in between. What I have found about expectations and parenting is that they sometimes place limitations OR burdens on my children. For example, when we wanted Bowen to play soccer and although he enjoyed it at the time he wasn't very good and never wanted to play after that one season.

Well, I had expectations about what Kindergarten would be like for Bowen. He would go into class, be great at everything, because guys the boy is seriously SMART and all would be fanflippintastic. Expectations can be a burden. Bowen's K teacher came to me last week and told me she was concerned with the way he gripped his pencil and since the Occupational Therapist was at school she was going to have her pop in and observe him. She did, and later Mrs. OT caught me in the hall and told me Bowen is delayed in his fine and gross motor skills. (did you hear me sigh?) I knew it deep in my heart, I watch him struggle to get both feet off the ground to jump and have a hard time balancing, I've seen him grip and pencil and tried to correct him myself. She wants him to have OT and Physical Therapy. If you're a teacher you know the ropes I am about to have to go over and under and cut though and maybe not even get past to get him therapy in the district. Thank You LORD we have a program at our school that will help him immensely if all else fails. And Thank You LORD the boy is smart and I only have to worry with motor skills. It's changing my expectations of my district, my school, my child, and myself. I've always been my kids' advocate but when you have to step it up a few notches it's like digging your heels in the dirt and getting ready to stand your ground, I just have to find my feet first.

I feel confident he can easily catch up with his peers with the right help, everyone at my school is on Bowen's side, I just have to get the ball rolling. We have a Doctor appointment tomorrow, that is the first step. Laine has her foot check-up tomorrow too, big day for us! Please pray!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cool new blogs!

If you look to the right you see I have a new button! I found a blog that is written by a 5th grade teacher, one of the things I like best about his blog are his posts called "Moments with Joey" any teacher or adult for that matter will appreciate the humor, sweetness, goofiness that is a pre adolescent male. Please check this blog out! He is a great writer and photographer.

I have also added some new blogs to my blog roll, I can't begin to number the blogs I read but the ones a added I check up on again and again!

Here is what I am SUPER excited about! Some teachers t my school told me about e-mealz, this website plans your menu for you, gives you the recipes, makes your grocery list and even organizes the list for the store you shop in so it goes in order! How great is that!!! It also works the meal plan around the sales in the store for that week, holla! You really need to check it out. I'm starting it next week. I'm going to do the low fat Wal-Mart menu. Yahoo, no more cooking the same stuff over and over or looking on the Internet for new recipes to cook! It's all done for me and on a budget.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A few of my favorite things!

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now! Here are some things I really love right now!
MAC lip gloss! I could buy bunches! I am NOT a lipstick wearer at all so these are a great alternative and fairly inexpensive to boot!

These are the plates I got to coordinate with my new fiestaware, don't you love them?? They fit perfectly with my Mexican inspired home! Dillards makes these especially to go with fiestaware and I think they hit this one out of the park.

Attention everyone with a messy or black hole of a purse! You need a Purse N! It has tons of pockets, zippers, and it expands to meet your organization needs!

Look! A neat purse and all you do it set that in the bottom your favorite purse and go!

This coffee mug keeps my coffee hot all morning long, so when I have to let 42 Kindergartners go potty and get a drink after PE my drink is still hot! Thanks Starbucks!

I got this lunch sack last year at Container Store. It's great because it can hold all sorts of tupperware and zip all around funky shaped stuff. The colors make taking my lunch fun everyday! AND it's washable so if something spills in the bottom, that aaaalways happens to me it just goes in the washer!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The fun never ends!

So we have started school! Kindergarten and Third grade to be exact, everything is going great at school.

We have a cat that can rejoin the family now because he has no front claws with which to destroy my furniture.

We have a Laine that has a chipped bone and a pulled tendon in her foot from playing tag bare foot in the gym after school on the second day of school. it took three sets of x rays and three doctors to figure this out. I'm just happy we got it sorted out!

We are getting the little things done around the house...wait the garage isn't little.

We have had lots of fun visitors! Linda came to help decorate, Mimi and Paco came, Pop and Gran came and Meredith brought Graham and Blake to visit!

We had a surprise sleepover for Laine! Can you tell she loved it?