Monday, February 12, 2007

Six weird things about me!

1. I can't stand for people to touch my shins. It totally gives my the shivers, and if I just THINK about my shins getting touched I can feel it hurt. The really weird part is: does actually hurt when my shins are touched? Not really.

2. When I go outside to my backyard, I can't walk in the grass without shoes because I feel like all the dog poop from all the years has left germs in the grass for me to walk on.

3. I've read the last three Harry Potter books three times. And I'll read the 5th one again before the movie comes out and the 6th one again before the 7th book is released.

Hmmmm...I'm having a really hard time with this, I know I'm weird, maybe it's just in a general sense.

4. Sometimes if I'm by myself and I think about something embarrassing that happened to me or even to someone else, I blush.

5. I bought a tube of lipstick this weekend and it is the first lipstick I've owned in over three years.

6. I'm 31 years old and I still wear my retainer.

Anyone want to play?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Buck that Bucking Horse

I have just finished recovering from an incident that I believed would never happen to me.

I got bucked off a horse.




And that's not all, Laine was also bucked off with me but because of my willingness to sacrifice my body for my child she went unscathed.

Here's how it happened: We were asked to house/kid sit for a family that has children that attend Jonathan's school. They have a beautiful home and a horse barn. We went down to the barn to let Laine ride on the "tame" horse. I led her around for awhile and then decided to get on the horse with her. Everything was going great! We were having fun! Then I made a decision that I would regret about 12 seconds later. I said "Laine! Let's make the horse go faster!" So I gave him a kick and told him to giddy up. That made him trot, and I though this trotting sure is bumpy. That's when everthing started going in slow motion. I realized we were going to be removed from the horse so I started to do some damage control. I gripped the rope as hard as I could so we actually slid off the side instead of flying off. Then I somehow managed to get Laine above me and brace her on the way down. Finally we got to the point where we had to fall the rest of the way, needless to say I have a large bruise on the upper part of my right butt cheek. But the worst pain of all was the soreness of all the muscles that I used to hold on to the rope, oh my gosh, my neck and shoulder and arm hurt SO BAD. Well, we got Laine back on the horse to ride it to the barn. She was OK, and I think she'll ride a horse again.

Besides the horse incident, we had a great week at our dream home. I hope we get asked to do it again.