Friday, December 31, 2010

Holly Jolly!

Merry Christmas!

Aren't they all so cute? And happy? And cute? Come on Lawson, it's not that bad, right?!
Finally a picture of my new hairdo! And a picture of my cute husband to go with it.
We had so much fun hanging out with the San Angelo group on Christmas Eve. I even got to make a trip to SA earlier in the week to visit it was great fun! I love having such a wonderful family!
My favorite people on Christmas Day! We had a great time in Abilene, played a fun game, learned that my Dad is a fantastic artist, just ask him, and most of all enjoyed each others company!
Tonight we are having Christmas with the Williams' family, so there are gifts under the tree again and anticipation is in the air and tamales and beans are waiting to be eaten!
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeear...

1. I cut my hair really, really short. Sorry I don't have a picture right now. At least I am blogging.

2. Right now if you say "hey Bowen" he looks at you and winks. It's super cute!

3. I signed up for my first Master's degree class, that means I really have to go back, no jokes.

4. Love having Christmas in our new house!

5. Jonathan's family is coming to Fort Worth to have Christmas, it's going to be awesome! We are blessed to have such wonderful families that we enjoy spending time with.

6. I have been in San Angelo and I am now in Abilene, it has been the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit!

7. I am so happy to be giving my gifts in two days! I love giving presents, it's way better that getting!

My New Year's Resolution ( and I rarely make them) is to blog more this year!