Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aaack! What a DAY!

Ever since Bowen started having trouble with his tonsils, he has also had trouble sleeping. You saw the evidence in the pictures of him sleeping behind the chair in our room. The last three nights have been the same, except worse because it's been two times a night instead of one. Well, this morning Jonathan found Bowen standing in the hall about 5, we don't know if he had been up for 5 minutes or 3 hours because he sneaks now that he knows we want him to stay in his bed. Tonight we are experimenting with a gate at his bedroom door, I'll let you know how that whole thing works out.

Fast forward to 6:30, time to get up and get dressed. Jonathan dresses Bowen, he sleeps until it's time to go. I bring him into the living room he lays down on the ground and closes his eyes. He sleeps all the way to school, I put him down in his classroom and he just crumples on the ground. We get his cot out and he lays down. I tell his teachers to take his temperature and call me at school. I had to get to school to drop Laine off and today is TAKS so if I was going to leave I really needed to let someone know quickly. Bowen's school calls and says he is still just laying there, no temp, in fact it's low 96.2. I get Jonathan to go pick him up so I can test and I make a Doctor appointment for him. By the time I picked him up at Jonathan's school he's perked up a little. It was SO weird the way he was acting, we have no idea why except maybe he really had been awake for a long time. He does have a sinus infection, a yeasty diaper rash, the end of 5th's disease and allergies that are causing eczema. Wow.

On a happier note Laine is the Citizen of the Month! The character trait is Caring! It's very true she is an extremely caring little girl. You know, it's special for your child to have a good report card, to get good citizenship grades and to know they are smart. However, it makes me SO much more proud to know that I have a child that is a good citizen, a child that stands out as a caring individual. I just love that girl to pieces.

We are looking forward to a busy birthday weekend for Bowen, friends, family, good food, it will all be included!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

High school, the cat is out of the bag, and bossing

Here is what I wore to church today:

You may be wondering why I had Jonathan take a random picture of me before church. But I have a very good reason. You see, I grew up in a town that has two high schools, not uncommon. There was and I'm sure still is a very bitter cross-town rivalry between the two schools. So bitter that when I looked in my closet today and wanted to wear the blue skirt and the red shirt, I realized I really DIDN'T want to because those are Cooper colors and why would I be caught dead wearing red and blue together. I then reminded myself that I did graduated 14 years ago, and put the two colors on my body. I felt like a traitor all during church. My blood still runs black and gold.

For those of you who don't know yet, JONATHAN HAS A NEW JOB! We are so very excited but have been keeping it on the DL until everything was settled and Jonathan was ready to tell his students. Well, someone posted his position on the school website so the news was going to leak quickly. Jonathan made the decision to break the news on Friday. He called me that afternoon to tell me what a rotten day he had. Just a little background Jonathan is a super star at his school, the students and parents both love him. He does a fabulous job bonding with and counseling his kids, he really cares about them alot. So as you can imagine the kids were heartbroken when Jonathan told them the news, that's understandable. I think what upset him and me is the reaction from the parents. They guilt-tripped him over and over about leaving their kids. That really burned me up, here he is doing something for the good of his family, something that will make a HUGE impact on our future and all these people can do is complain about him leaving their kid. I told him that if these parents really cared about him, they would be happy that he is movin' on up. And those families that we are close to DO realize what he is doing and are genuinely happy for us.

The other day Laine said in a dreamy voice "I can't wait to be a Mommy!" I'm thinking, how sweet, she's having little mommy instinct already! So I asked why she was looking forward to being a Mommy. Her reply: "So I can boss my kids around."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear Mini Boden,

Thank You for appearing in my mailbox today. As I turned your many pages I added up what clothing I would like to buy my kids and you know what? It turned out to be about a $1,000,000 because you make the perfect clothes, I want to buy it all! They are all so cute and comfy looking and like KID clothes. You see, some of your competitors make kids clothes that look like tiny adult clothes and I'm not raising tiny adults I'm raising kids. However, there is something impeding me racing to the computer and ordering your stuff, I don't have $1,000,000. I know, I know you're offering free shipping and 10% off right now, what is 10% of a million dollars again?

Lovingly Yours,

PS: Come to my mailbox again in a few months and I'll see what I can do!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I got a new job, I got a new job,

I got a new job, hey, hey, hey ,HEY!

Today I accepted the PE job at the Fine Arts Academy in my district. I was a little nervous about making the change at first but when I sat down and talked it over with Jonathan and prayed about it, it was clear what I should do. I am going to be working with some great people, I'm going to have a HUGE gym that doesn't make me feel like I'm in a cave and I think the students will have PE everyday. I have been at my school for SEVEN years, and I was ready for a change.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Reasons I'm ready for summer:

10. Watermelon- I bought one today at Wal-Mart, I cut it up for lunch and was immedietely transported forward two months. I was sitting on my deck and enjoying a ripe one for lunch with Laine and Bowen

9. Flip-flops- although I wear them year-round, I love getting up in the morning and slipping my feet into a really cute pair.

8. Tank tops- I'm so tired of school clothes and I don't even have to dress up!

7. Tan legs- done with pasty whiteness

6. Sleeping in- this time of year I want to throw my alarm clock when it goes off in the morning.

5. Wading Pools- My kids are almost too big for them but what's better than walking out your backyard to fun, safe, and cool playing. I know a real pool would be more fun, that's just not in the best interest of our budget or our small yard.

4. Highlights- summer hair is the BEST!

3. Projects- two of mine for the summer are painting my bathroom and the living room.

2. Choices- do I want to put on make-up today? Should we go to the park or the pool? Do I want to take a shower today? Should I eat the pink Popsicle or the green one?

1. No school- duh.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Cliff Notes

Here are some short tidbits of our life lately:

Today I had a 4th grade girl call a 4th grade boy a douche bag. I should have won an award for not laughing at something really funny. She stated when asked if she knew what a douche bag was that her friends told her it was a bag of poop. Another award for not laughing in the bag.

Friday I wore two different shoes to school. The funniest part is that I had made fun of my friend the computer teacher all day for mistakenly wearing her work out pants in place of her nice black slacks.

Bowen sleeps behind a chair in our room almost every night. I think it stems from us telling him he needs to stay in his room if he wakes up and not come to get in our bed. Here's the proof:

Jonathan has just a few weeks to lose 10 pounds or he has to go without a shirt at Bowen's birthday party. As a matter of fact Ryan is in the contest too. Come one come all to Bowen's party! Really, I think both of them can succeed!