Monday, January 17, 2011

The man I married...

The man I married got off a bus yesterday and I didn't recognize him. Because God is now the true owner of his heart, he has been redeemed! It is such an intimate thing for our family that I won't talk about it anymore here but I encourage you to seek out Fellowship of the Sword and have your husband, father, brother, father in law go on a Quest. I am going to seek the heart of God on a Heart Quest very soon, sooner than I ever expected after I saw Jonathan last night.

I begin Graduate school today, I am filled with doubt and fear. I have had many headaches. they are getting worse. Please pray for me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A few of my favorite things!

First, let me just say as a person gets older priming the skin becomes a necessary step if you don't want your make up to settle in those weird little lines on your face! What are those things anyway? I found a great primer for the face and lips at MAC, the lip primer is great I was sceptical at first but let me tell y'all lipstick does not stay on these lips and now my gloss lasts for LOTS longer!

Here is the necklace Jonathan got me from The Vintage Pearl, love it!

Laine was nominated as Citizen of the six weeks by her teacher! We are SO proud of her, what is learning to read, write and do math if learning to be a good citizen isn't a big part of what you are about! I am glad to work and have my kids go to a school where that is front and center.
Snapware! These things keep your dry goods fresh! Cereal (as modeled by Trix) Goldfish, anything! They are awesome! I got mine at Costco. Greatness forever.
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