Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Finally, Something to Blog about!

Not in a "Oooh I got a new car" way or a "oh my, my kids are so funny" way but definitely in a "I almost ruined my cat's ears" way.

Oh yes, I'm known to play vet and take my pet to the low cost vaccination clinics because I am always amazed at how EXPENSIVE it is to take your pet to the vet. Pumpkin Batman (who will be referred to as PB in the rest of the story) was exhibiting the textbook signs of ear mites. Black crusty stuff in his ears, scratching etc...so I cleaned them regularly hoping it would just go away. It got worse so, being the money saving girl that I am I just went to Tractor Supply and got some ear mite drops. I began treating him with the drops according to the instructions. I treated and they weren't getting better, in fact I saw MORE crap than there was before. I thought "oh it's just the medicine flushing out the gross stuff" treat, treat, treat. Until after school today when I looked in one of his ears and it was totally sealed up with pussy yellow stuff. Aaack, I thought (still in vet mode) it's an infection from him scratching his ears. So I called the vet suggested on is adoption papers. They got me in immediately and were so nice when I got to the office with two small children and a cat in a pillowcase in tow. (In case you ever need to transport your cat to the vet and you don't have your carrier because you loaned it to your sister a pillowcase is a great way to do it). Then explain to all the staff why the cat's name is PB. Everyone looks at your daughter and smiles and then wonders to themselves why a person would let a child name a cat. So the vet comes in a looks in PB's ears with this cool camera thing and all the gross stuff is projected on a 12 inch TV that makes it look 1 million times grosser. Vet is very nice when he explains to me that earmites aren't treated by liquid drops anymore, he hasn't seen this problem in a while because of the NEW way to treat. Uhhhh...

Everyone in the entire office assumes I am a first-time cat owner and I don't tell them I'm not. Yikes so PB's ears are my fault, and the fact that I paid $113 for said ear treatment which includes ANESTHESIA and PACKING OF STUFF IN THE EARS and MEDICINE. Not to mention that the vet's staff got the humane society to pay for part of the bill because they said he had to have had earmites when we got him. So really it should have been WAY more than it was, plus they gave me a free office visit and didn't make me buy the Revolution from them (grudgingly of course) and order it off the Internet instead. And he had to have two vaccinations to be able to stay overnight at the clinic.

Why aren't Vet's millionaires?

While I was waiting two people paid vet bill in the $300 dollar range, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor twice when I heard the bill amount. The office and vet were very nice it seems their policy is to give an estimate of the cost before you leave so you can go sell your soul to pay when you pick up your pet.

I did feel very blessed to only have ear issues when I heard some of the staff whispering that a man had decided to have his pet put to sleep. After that I mentally shut my trap about my vet bill. That is one decision that I hope I don't have to make, or at least if I do it's a clear cut answer.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am so proud!

Laine is just becoming so big! After Christmas we bought her some BOB books, they are for new readers and have really easy, short words. Well she is totally reading the easy ones! Jonathan and I are just basking in the glow of her smartness. Good thing she took after her mother! There was a time I was sad to see her growing up, now I'm so excited to see what's to come from this beautiful, smart, funny little girl!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I am unyielding origin

OK so Mere and Ryan came over today since the world came to a stand still because of an inch of snow. We were bored and Ryan decided he would put on a pair of my shorts (and that's all) and go jump on the trampoline for two minutes. Then Jonathan did it and then they looked at Meredith and Me and said "now it's your turn". So I totally stepped up. I did get to wear a sports bra and I tried to cheat and wear crocs too. I did it ,I jumped on the trampoline in only shorts and a sports bra in less than freezing temperatures, I rock. Meredith wimped out, she was the only one, even Laine went out in her panties and jumped a few times.
We didn't take pictures, just a video and we left the cord to download it at my parents' house. Hopefeully we'll get it soon and you can see me in action!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Lola was once lost but now is found!

Since my sister never updates her blog, they were putting up lost signs and someone called and said a teacher from the school by thier house took her home. So they picked her up that same night! Yay!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Random Thoughts

Why do cats breath always smell fishy even if the cat food they cat is chicken flavor?

I've been sore all week from trying a new workout on one of those big exercise balls.

I hope Mere and Ryan find Lola soon!

My son has been SO whiney the past few days, I hope he's teething.

My new jeans will be ready tomorrow, yipee!

I got a new washer and dryer, they are beautiful and cost way too much money but won't my clothes look nice and clean! I'll post pictures when they are delivered.

I had the WORST long run last Saturday, (please God let the next one be great, Amen).

When Jonathan dressed Bowen this morning he tucked his shirt in and it made him look like a beautiful big boy, I hope he doesn't do that again!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hair Envy

I just saw Shauna's new hairdo and I'm so jealous! It's so cute and usually I'm one to see a new haircut and off to the salon I go to copy it. I'm just in a hair rut right now. Since the "Great Hair Fallout of '06" my poor locks just haven't been cute or healthy no matter what I do to them. So I just maintain, and I'll admit it's just not really cute! I feel like I need to give it a little more time to recover before I bleach it or hack it all off. It's just SO thin and fuzzy. If I cut it short I'm afraid it would look even more thin, and if I highlight it it will totally break off more, I already have a patch at my normal part that looks horrible from breakage. So I'll just continue to have hair envy for a few more months and then bust out with the cutest hair ever!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas cuties

We had a great Christmas, lots of travel and lots of presents and now some rest at home. I'm feeling a little boring so here are some pictures to enjoy.