Thursday, September 25, 2008

FIll in the blank:

It is time for __________________.

Summer to be over already!

A Margarita

Me to get my hair colored and cut

my schedule at school to be set in stone

my half-marathon, I have run myself into the ground. My feet don't' want to run anymore and it's not till the middle of NOVEMBER!

Bowen to eat more types of food, I can list what he will eat consistently on two hands.

us to have a new president!

me to stop putting so much food in my pie hole, I'm totally ruining anything that running is doing for me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6 Random things...

Wally Hotts tagged me, no, actually threatened me, to post 6 random things about me, Heather Lorien Thomesen Williams. Here's to Randomness:

Before going to bed at night the door to the bedroom and the bathroom have to be completely closed. If they aren't they call to me in my sleep and tell me to wake up. Actually, it scares me to death when my children appear at the side of my bed at night, I swear they float in, I never hear a thing until one of them is either saying my name or poking me so I like the bedroom door closed so I might get a little heads up before they come in. The bathroom door thing, I have no clue, it just has to be closed for me to be able to sleep.

I am obsessed with checking my email, it is especially bad since I got an iphone. Every time I hear it ding for email I have to open my mail to see what it is. I mean, I probably check my email 20 times a day.

I am a Harry Potter nerd and a Twilight nerd. I am constantly listening to one of the HP books on my ipod, I rarely listen to music. I have read each of the books several times. The twilight series is awesome! I now officially wish I could be a vampire!

I do not have a public pooping phobia, I will poop anywhere, anytime. That is very helpful since I have to poop while I'm running sometimes.

If you know Meredith and me you know I am the uptight one, however, when it comes to parenting, we are opposite. I totally let things slide that Meredith worries about, it kind of feels good to be the one who is laid back. Don't mess with my bedtime though, or being late or me packing early for a trip, still type A about that stuff.

Redness is part of who I am and I hate it! I turn red at the silliest things, then I realize I'm turning red, get flustered about turning red and then I get redder! Ahhhhhh! I'm never embarrassed, that's the weird thing. For example this week during lunch I was telling my friends a story about Laine and Bowen and I feel the heat coming on, it's the most helpless feeling that only gets worse the more I think about it. Then I'm completely awkward about it and try to shield my face or turn to the side so it's less obvious when I know I'm only making it more obvious.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend in Abilene!

We had a great weekend in A town! We went to the Grace Museum, the West Texas Fair and Rodeo, and smooshed our faces against Mimi's car windows! The kids were AWESOME on all the rides, Bowen especially since he usually a little timid trying new things. I even purchased some new bedside table lamps from Pier 1, they are too cute. Thanks Mimi and Paco for a stupendous weekend!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


3- The number of people in this house that have MRSA

1-the number of people who don't but found a sore spot on her body today.

1,000-the number of times I wash my hands a day right now

1,001- the number of times a day I want to wash my children down with anti-bacterial gel or a wipe, or just have them steam cleaned.

10- the rating my house got in cleanliness on a scale from 1-10 since my cleaning lady came today!

9- the number of hours of sleep I need tonight in order to be a good mom tomorrow.

3- the number of allergy medicines I take in order to function in life.

12- the number of minutes I have until I want to be in bed for the night, because dang! having germy kids is hard work.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Wishing for Fall

Candy Corns just say FALL to me! So, I bought some today at Wal-Mart today in hopes of coaxing Fall to come on, already!

Why was I at Wal-Mart?

Oh how nice of you to ask!

I was there to buy all sorts of stuff! Like prescriptions for antibiotics, Children's Motrin, Band-aids of the large type, an XL tube of anti-biotic cream. Add all those things together and what to you think of?

Staph infection? Great guess! We'll find out if you're the winner on Monday!

MRSA? Maybe you'll get bonus points, we'll have the results on Tuesday!

We noticed Bowen had a pretty bad looking bug bite on his leg on Wednesday night. Jonathan, our resident surgeon, popped the head on it and put some antibiotic cream on it. The next day it looked the same but last night I noticed that the red ring surrounding the bite was getting larger. One of our friends who is a CRNA was over so he looked at it and said we needed to take him in to get it checked out. That made me worry because our friend doesn't overreact. I called this morning got an appointment and took him in after school today. Dr. Lewis immediately said it was a skin infection and she would have to lance and culture it. Awesome. I then asked her about Laine having a second stye in two weeks, she said that the bite and the eye were interrelated and Laine would need to be treated to but no lancing for her.

If you remember Bowen's history of barfing in stressful, painful situations you know I was warning the doctor and the nurses about that fact. So, Dr. Lewis and two nurses came in and prepped the table. One nurse held one leg, the other nurse held the other leg. I was in charge of the arms and any resultant barfing. It was terrible, he screamed "LET ME GO" and "OUCH" the whole time and let me tell you the boy is strong. it was a fight to keep his arms held down. I'm a tough cookie when it comes to shots and finger pricks but I almost cried while we were fighting him to get him some relief and getting that all important culture. He sat up after they were done and immediately started the "barf cough". You should have seen everyone back stepping away from the table. But, to his credit, Bowen held his stuff together, he did not barf! I was ecstatic! We made a hasty exit from the office and ran to Wal-Mart to get supplies and prizes for the poor boy.

I need Happy Hour!