Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stay at home day...

Bowen has Strep throat so I'm at home with him enjoying catching up some stuff before we go to "A" town this weekend. For you reading enjoyment here is a list what I've eaten today:

2 waffles with syrup ( at least they were whole grain)

a strawberry frosted Pop Tart

diet coke

a Hebrew national hot dog at Costco

diet coke

Gheridelli chocolate squares filled with caramel

3 strawberries because I felt so gross about the other crap I ate

I mean really I've been doing really well eating healthy, so I don't feel SO bad about eating some junk but I seemed to cram a bunch into 1/2 of a day.

I've been pondering on some things lately one is Laine and Kindergarten. Last night after some hard thinking I decided we needed to have a thought in the back of our heads this year. That thought should be: Laine might need to do Kindergarten again. Yes, you read that right. And it's not because of intelligence it's that some of the kids in her grade are almost a year older than her. I can really see it this year. It's the emotional part, the maturity part and the fact that I want to raise a leader and not a follower. I want Laine to be her own self not try to be someone just because they are older (not that she would realize that but you know what I mean). And it's not so much now that I worry about it's middle school and high school. There will not be a decision made on this for a while, maybe April and I fully trust Laine's teacher this year and will listen to what she has to say too. Then I worry holding her back will wreck her self esteem? Will it? Or will it boost her to be the older one who already knows all the answers and knows how to behave. Last night I was talking to her pre-k teacher and although I can't remember her exact words I do know that I have an exceptional learner. Exceptional in intelligence and exceptional in her learning style. I do know for sure she is at the right school, her "Laine" ways could possibly be smooshed in a more traditional school. Whew. I'm not sure I meant for all that to come out at once. One thing I really wish is that I could be a fly on the wall in her class, I want to see who Laine is at school.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Events of the day,

or maybe days...

First I do have an allergist appointment next Friday, it can't come soon enough.

Next, those extra warranties do pay off because I waltzed into Best Buy last nightand purchased a brand new ipod nano, the really new one that's square. It has twice the storage space for the same price I bought my first one for.

Yesterday I received an email that really lowered my morale for school. I'm going to be working everyday in a Kindergarten classroom to help with a special program for which we are the pilot school. I'm going to do the job with a smile but I heard it's really boring and that's what I'm dreading. Last year I was SO bored so this year I told my Administration I wanted to start a exercise mentoring program in the mornings. I guess that's down the drain, I'm really disappointed.

Today I received a call from the daycare director and I answered the phone "do I have a sick child?" TO which the response was, well not really. As it so happens Bowen was bitten ON THE LIP by a "friend". That's always what they put in reports to keep the child's privacy. I think it's kind of funny that a "friend" would bite your lip thought :) Anyway they had me callthe doctor and see what I should do since he bled a lot and it was by his mouth. The nurses first reaction was "WHAT bit him?" I told her a child and she asked what happened, so I told her. Anyway it seems human bites are worse to get than animal bites because of the germy mouth area. SO I have to watch for swelling, puss, redness and fever. Aaack...all I wanted to do was go hug him but that would have totally made it worse when I had to leave to go teach.

Ok the next thing I'm not so sure about. I feel like I pretty laid back with my children so when something makes me mad I feel like it's justified. when I went to pick Bowen up Laine stood by the door like she always does while I get his stuff together. I went to sign the incident report for the bite and Laine had opened the door to the room. All of a sudden the teacher was using very sharp, loud words with LaineI looked up to see what was going on and she continued to give Laine a hard time about the door and how it would get her (the teacher) in trouble if Laine was out in the hall alone with Bowen. I totally understand that rule, Laine and I talked about it and she won't be doing that again. I did however have a problem with the teacher's tone of voice and voice level. After it happened I just left without saying another word. I didn't want to address her then and have me sound ugly. I also wanted to stop in the director's office as I was walking out and tell her what happened, I didn't do that either. I don't like skipping in the chain of command. I think I'll talk to the other teachers in the room in the morning instead.

I'm excited for tonight I'm shopping and then working the cash registers at Just Between Friends, our local consignment extravaganza!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ears 1 Heather 0

So I went to my ENT appointment today and I had already decided that he wasn't going to be able to do anything for me and I was right. I had my hearing tested and it told me what I already knew I have some hearing loss in the range that my ears ring. My ears, nose and throat looked good. He basically said all my problems were due to my allergies and I knew that too. The only question he couldn't answer was why I feel like I need to clear my ears all the time. He said some word that ended in sclerosis and said that even if I did have it, it was in early enough stages that nobody would do anything about it. So tomorrow I'll make an allergist appointment and head down that road. In the mean time, I'm tired of feeling like crap.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bowen the Barfer

OK, so last night I was taking a shower and when I stepped out I could hear the kids having lots of fun. They were taking turns pushing each other around in a wheeled box kind of thing and having a ball. Two seconds later Bowen went face first onto the kitchen floor and in true Bowen style cries his hardest. Jonathan took him into the bathroom to check everything out and Bowen keeps crying his hardest. He just can't calm down when all of a sudden he throws up and up and up some more. What in the world! Then of course he's upset that he barfed and cries some more. Well to add to the story Jonathan leaned him over the sink when he hurled and the sink wouldn't drain afterwards. Jonathan goes to inspect and reported that there were about 8 pieces of gum that were stopping up the drain. I guess I can't leave gum around the house anymore because Bowen might chew it all, throw up and then clog the drain.

On to other things, I think I'm falling apart. I have been sick since the beginning of August, I'm on my second round of antibiotics and my snot is still yellow. I'm not coughing as much but I still have monster drainage. My doctor took me off my allergy medicine for the duration of my antibiotics so my snot wouldn't be so sticky so now I have a runny nose and itchy throat. I went to the eye doctor today because I would have sworn I had another eye infection but alas, I have eye allergies. I mean lock me up in a bubble guys, I can't survive in a world with living, things like cats and dogs and trees. I'm going to see an ENT to talk about my constant stuffiness and then I'll probably have to see an allergist too. OK done with the health report, boring.

My friend Julie and I have decided to join a team at our church to do the Mud Run. It's 10K run that has obstacles in it, like mud, and water and ropes and all that crazy crap. I'm so competitive that I can't stand to think I might be the one that the others must wait on. I WILL NOT be that person. I'm going to have to get real tough real soon and so some fartleks and speed work, aaack. Oh ant get this, you have to run in BOOTS and PANTS. So if you see a girl running down the street in running shorts and 8 inch black boots, that would be me.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nervous times 2

This weekend Jonathan took Laine and Bowen with him to work at a guy's ranch. It has been wonderful to be at home alone although I'm waiting with baited breath for them to come home. Last night when I was folding clothes I was thinking about church and suddenly I thought about visiting another congregation, not only another congregation but one that is of another denomination. I've always been curious about this particular church because I like the idea of denomination not being the most important part of church. I was so nervous trying to make the choice as to whether or not I should do it. I was still indecisive this morning as I got ready to go. New things make me nervous, I was about to go somewhere where I didn't know anyone and experience a service maybe like I had never experienced before. What if they do weird things, what if I feel uncomfortable, what if I feel conspicuous? I went anyway. Here are my pros and cons on the Bible Church. And I really don't feel you can get an accurate snapshot of a church in one Sunday morning service.


I LOVED the worship time. It was instrumental and I thought it might be overwhelming, but it made everything sound like I'd like God to hear it coming from my body.

Two services and plenty of thing for kids to do during the service.

Beautiful building.

Seems to have an awesome youth ministry.


From what I can tell, communion only once a month.

No Sunday night service or small groups (from what I could tell)

Just different:

Very casual service, no order of service in the bulletin.
It didn't seem like there was a specific invitation.
People stood or sat at will during singing, lots of hand lifting and waving.

I could Tell this was a church that is trying to reach those who a unchurched or lost. It seems they are doing a great job. The sermon was definitely Bible based and lots of time was spent in scripture. When any scripture was read everyone stood and read the verse together. I also liked that the preacher wanted us to read along with him in the Bible and the verses weren't just projected on the screens.

I'm glad I went, I'm just not sure if would be for me.