Sunday, November 15, 2009


I asked Bowen to feed Pumkin Batman...

what more can I say?
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life at the WIlliams' house

Has been a whole lot of laying around folks. It's really bad. Medication is to blame. I had to increase my head medicine, which makes me tired, and at the same time my Thyroid was off, which makes me tired. I had to have a frigging fight with the Nurse Practitioner at my Dr. office to get her to increase my medication. Finally my Doctor looked at my labs and increased it, in 5 days I feel 50% better which is saying a lot, just ask Jonathan. Jonathan has also started a medicine that makes him tired, wow, aren't we a whole basket of fun times!!! Hopefully, things will be looking up around here real soon!

Halloween was fun! Mom, Meredith, Ryan, and Blake came to visit and we had a great time. On Friday night we went to see Paranormal Activity, don't worry we didn't take the kids. But there were little kids there, WTH people! That was just about the scariest movie I've seen, I could not wait for it to be over. I wore a scarf to the theatre and spent most of the movie with the scarf over my head with my hands over my face. That bad guys. We managed to eat our way through Babe's and Ol' South with Trick or Treating in between. I felt a need to exercise.
Laine, Bowen, Blake and our friends,Peyton and Logan.
This is a picture of the vampire after she bit the baby's head!

Laine looks scary in ALL of the Halloween pics! Blake is really cute though!

Today I am posting at home because Bowen is sick. I have two stories to share from this illness.


Yesterday on the way home from school (60% home) Bowen coughed so much he barfed. We were on the Interstate, I had nothing to clean him up with. I handed him my sweatshirt to wipe his face, rolled down the windows, and drove like a bat out of hell to the house. What would you have done? Laine was over in her seat with her eyes shut and her ears plugged the entire time, I wish I could have done that.


Today I warned Bowen on the way to the Doctor that he would probably have to wear a Dr. mask in the waiting room since he had a cough. He cried. I told him no big deal, I'll wear one too. We get to the office, there's the sign that says coughers wear masks so I tell him he has to wear a mask and show it to him and put it on him and ask for one for myself. He freaks out. Heads for the door, yelling that he wants to go back home. So here I am in my mask, he's in his mask now crying, coughing, and gagging. We head to the trash can, he calms down a little but still gags every time I put the mask down. Then the lady at the window tells me forget the mask if its going to make him sick. Every time he coughs the people in the waiting room look at us funny. FYI it wasn't the Swine Flu just a sinus infection.