Friday, June 23, 2006

Random Thoughts

1. I really felt like I had two children today.

2. Everyone at 4555 Cockrell was super grumpy.

3. Freebirds is the best, veggie burrito: rice, refried beans, queso, pico, cilantro all wrapped in a wheat tortilla, YUM!

4. I wonder who Reegan will look like, probably me.

5. I started packing for the cruise today.

6. That's hard because all my favorite, really cute clothes are out of circulation.

7. After Freebirds, we took the kids to the playground in the mall and let them wear themselves out. It was a great idea.

8. I love Harry Potter books.

9. I've started washing my hair every other day, it's going good so far the second day the grease helps me style it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cavity Creeps

I didn't have a cavity in my mouth until I turned 21, now it seems I have a new one every time I go to the dentist! Today the Dr. had to give me an extra shot of anesthetic because as soon as he started drilling I could feel it, I'm a total wimp when it comes to pain so the extra shot did the trick. I still have the lop-sided mouth issue so I won't be drinking for another hour or so lest it run down my shirt.

5 more days until Cruise day! I'm so excited, I think I'll start packing today!

Everyone in my house is feeling crummy, except me. Bowen, Jonathan, and finally Laine have all come down with a mysterious virus of some sort that is mainly just fever and aches. Hopefully I'll steer clear.

Laine's school for next year is requiring uniforms, she's going to look so cute but so like everyone else. I've decided that cool shoes and bows are in order for the school year.

I think I'm off to Wally World to get stuff for the cruise!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

And they're off...again!

Tomorrow Laine and Bowen are continuing their summer vacation with a trip to A-town. Laine is going to take swimming lessons at the Sunfish and Bowen is going to try to get in the pool at every given opportunity. Speaking of swimming lessons, the ones I gave this week went great! I have people asking me if I'm going to do some more, I think I will, it's nice to have extra money. Now on with the show... I think it is so important for the kids to have alone time with their grandparents, what great memories they are making. Jonathan and I are going to go to Abilene on Thursday to watch Laine take her last lessons then we are going to make a pit stop in San Angelo before going back to Fort Worth.

Jonathan and I are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary on the 14th, hooray for us! To tell the truth, it just keeps getting better with age.

Monday, June 05, 2006

All by myself...

I'm teaching swimming lessons this week so Jonathan is at his parents' house with the kids. I can't remember the last time I was at home by myself for an extended amount of time. It's nice to clean a room and have it stay clean and it's nice to have some time to do whatever I want. I can tell the liking part is going to go away soon and I' going to start missing them like crazy.

Please pray for our friends Mark and Jodi. Mark quit his job a couple of weeks ago to start a business doing home improvements and cabinetry. Last night he cut off one of his fingers and badly mangled two others. His future in woodworking is now in God's hands. jodi stays home with the kids so he is the only source of income. Pray for healing and peace of mind.

So tonight I've watched Transamerica and I'm about to put in Freedomland. Ahhhh. Movies with no interruptions!