Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Sometimes stuff is just hard...

you know like when your dog can't stop peeing all over your living room hardwood floor and carpet because she is old.

when you're sitting outside and your cat runs across the street to greet you and then the neighboor drives up into his driveway and gets out of his car and your cat then runs back across the street, runs up to your neighboor and then, to the shock of the whole family, goes inside the house with least he got booted out about 30 seconds later, but still. Jeez Pumpkin Batman, cut us to the bone will you?

Learning your child was unkind and had to sit in Lunch Detention.

Punshing your child for being unkind even after she had already been punished at school.

Pearland. Hard on the husband, which in turn, is hard on me.

I promise I really am not having a bad week or really even a bad day. Those things are just weighing heavy on my heart, well, except the cat one he's just a moocher, I hope he doesn't really love the neighbors, OK maybe I am worried about that a little...

This weekend Bowen turns 4, he will officially be a big kid! We are turning to family parties this year. I can't say we will do it every year but I was just dead dog tired of "big" birthday parties! They stressed me out, it got to where I didn't look forward to my own kids birthday's, that's just terrible! Jonathan and I want our kids to feel super special on their birthday without it being a circus.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

I couldn't get Picasa to load all the pictures I wanted so I made a collage to get them all on here at one time! I love seeing everyone Else's favorite things here are a few of mine some are old and some are from yesterday, really!

I'll start in the middle.

Piper Sandals. Tricia and Audrey wear them and I always thought they were so cool and comfy looking. Yesterday we were at the Main Street Arts Festival and they had a booth, I tried on a pair and bought them right away. Not cheap, but totally worth it...can you teach PE in sandals? These sandals are hand made and mold to your foot bed after a couple of weeks. You can get new straps for free and have them resoled for $60. Awesome.

On top.

Stila smudge pots. I have oily eyelids and for forever my eyeliner has wound up in the crease of my eyelid by mid-morning. This is a gel liner that stays put all day, I think it's splendid, especially since it lasts forever.

On the right.

My new hair cut and color! Yeah! My hair was looking scraggly, hooray for new hair.

On the bottom.

Hope in a jar moisturizer. I use this stuff and it keeps my skin just right in terms of moisture. Not greasy, not dry, just right. In the summer I switch over to hope in a bottle since I tend to break out more in the sweaty, sweaty DWF heat.

On the left.

Multigrain Cheerios. I eat these almost every morning without fail with strawberries and blueberries. It is my favorite cereal since I had to give up Fiber One Honey Clusters because it has almonds in it.

And those are a few of my favorite things...

(are you guys singing the song in your head like I am?)
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Beast, I mean Best

I think someone had just said "say wiener" to try and get Bowen to smile and look at the camera. Will he ever take a normal picture again?

Williams Family looking dapper on Easter: (again Bowen with the weird pic)
Paco's centerpiece for Easter lunch:

Cascarones are always fun for Easter:
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Sunday, April 12, 2009