Sunday, December 13, 2009

Super Speed!

That's a Bowen term for when you need to move really fast, and that is the way I feel like the last few weeks have gone, super speed! We leave to go skiing in Telluride Colorado on Friday morning so I have to have all Christmas things attended to to by then, I'm pretty close but still so far away! I love this time of year so I'm trying not to make it all about lists and errands.

Right now I'm enjoying a peaceful house because my two lovely little children have not been the best best of friends. I think it's a byproduct of over stimulation of this time of year mixed with not enough sleep and I'm hoping it's going to pass because they are really hard to be around right now with all the bickering and whining. I've even had afternoons when they aren't allowed to play with each other! Aack!

Two stories for you:

I lost my kids in Wal-Mart. Laine wanted to get some fruit snacks and I needed to get some almond bark. These two items are on separate isles about 25 feet away from each other. So I showed Laine where the fruit snacks are and showed her where the almond bark is. Physically took her to both places. Dropped them off at the FS, whet to do my thing. 60-90 seconds later I'm done I go and look for where to be found. Gone. I stroll down the center aisle a few aisles each way, no kids. This is in the town I teach in so I had seen several people I knew so I wasn't too worried I thought someone would probably help me out. Then I heard my name on the intercom "Heather Williams please come to Customer Service your party is waiting" at least it didn't say "We will now hand out the Mother of the Year Award to Heather Williams for losing her kids in Wal Mart, Ms. Williams, please come claim your ham". When I got to CS there my children were not crying but smiling, a mom of a kid I taught at my former school was there with them saying what a great job they did knowing all their information...FYI if you get lost in Wal Mart you get all 3 boxes of fruit snacks you haves in your little hands! AND great big hugs!

Story Two:

words that came out of my mouth in 5th/6th PE the other day when asked a question about a game we were about to play: may not hold your balls with both hands.

yes I said that...then I stopped and laughed about it and acknowledged it, how can you not with that age group. So we all had a big laugh and then moved on. It is the best thing I've ever said in a PE class.