Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Signs you've been on a (good) Float Trip:

You are now the owner of a flotation device for your sunglasses and your beer.

Tan: face, arms, chest, fronts of legs. Pasty white: back, butt.

Part of your party doesn't remember part of your trip.

You have cool new t-shirts

You and your family had more fun than Colt McCoy and his friends did seeing Aaron Watson at Gruene Hall.

And your sister totally knew Aaron Watson, and recognized her and talked to her (she's so cool).

You were more tired when you got back than when you left!

Meredith and Robin had the cameras on the trip so they will have to post the pictures. Maybe that will happen in the next year or or two. We had a fabulous time! Happy Birthday Robin!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Reasons I'm excited this week!

It's that time of year where I have to come up with reasons to get up in the morning. You know for example, today I'll have a Diet Coke, or today is ice cream day or if it's Tuesday or Thursday no 5th and 6th grade PE. Well, it's actually been like that for me all year this year but that would make for a REALLY long blog post.

This week is exciting for one BIG reason: FLOAT TRIP! We are going with Meredith and Ryan and Robin and Koby to New Braunfels this weekend to Float the river eat, talk, drink, and be merry! The best part is it's not going to be 73* like it's been for the last few weekends in Texas. I'm super excited!

Another reason I'm excited is I should be wrapping up Field Day plans this week, big load off my shoulders when letters go out to parents, schedules are copied, volunteers are called, etc, etc...

Can I be excited that I have a purse coming in the mail, just a little? I'm calling it my I survived this year purse, it wasn't expensive, but I did survive.

Today something happened that made me literally do 4 jumps of JOY! A bully(mean, mean, mean) got in trouble in my class today and imagine my happiness when I saw him leaving school with a school officer...bully no more hopefully.

Last weekend Jonathan, Laine and Bowen were stars in a movie! I will post more information later so I can give proper props. It's called Hello Sunshine! Pretty cool...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


1: call from the Tarrant County Health Department

1: Internet search to look up the bacteria, Shigella

2 :cases of it in our house

4 :the number of weeks one can be contagious after contracting above bacteria

127: times I've cleaned my bathrooms, doorknobs, light fixtures, remotes, etc...to try and keep everyone well.

5 million: times I've said Jeez in the last two weeks.

On a happier note I had a good Mother's Day considering we had a sick kid in the house! I went and got a pedicure, bought some flowers for my pots, went to church with Bowen, it was a good day.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

An exchange of words

Dear Eye Drops:

Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Why do you have to in my eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeees? I'm going to throw up.

I hate you,

Dear Bowen:

We were sent to Earth from the plant Zorg to eat your eyeballs out with our acid, sorry we have to do our job.

Pink Eye Medicine

Dear Eye Medicine:

Oh? Daddy is going to put you in my eye? OK!


Dear Bowen:

Don't let them trick you, I am BAD. Inside this little white bottle are daggers and poison and scary monsters. Your eyes are going to fall out, I promise, especially if your Mom puts the drops in.


Dear Stupid stuff in the bottle:

AGAIN! NOOOOOO! You are going to make my eyes fall out! And that evil woman even promised me a toy if I would sit and let her put that poison in my eyes! She is on YOUR side! Therefore I must scream every time she comes near me with the bottle or even mentions the word "eyedrop" in conversation! AAAACK! I'm going to DIEEEEEEEEE!


Dear Bowen and Pink Eye medicine:

You guys are both killing me and we have 7-10 days of this crap.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Birthday to Remember...

Happy Birthday Bowen! Hopefully, the magical 4 button has been pushed and 3, along with it's whining and crying, has been kicked out for good!

Well this weekend has been eventful to say the least, although not in the way you would hope a Birthday weekend would be eventful...

Let's see...Friday afternoon started out with Bowen having the runs, I mean I was pulling into a Wendy's on the way home from school for him to use the bathroom.

Then...he ran a 102 fever and I called the Doctor's office because you can't be too careful right now with everything that's going around (oink) and I didn't want to go around infecting the world if he indeed had something sinister.

More runs, more fever, told by Dr. to wait and see if he developed any other symptoms.

Saturday morning we added blood to his stool and I don't mean his chair. We ended up in the ER that afternoon over that because he was having stomach pain and we just had a really pitiful little boy...

We in the meantime obviously postponed our family party, found out he may have a bacterial infection, or maybe just the ever popular "virus".

Throughout all this he has continued to eat and drink, amazing. Another amazing fact is that we were in and out of Cook's in 2 count them TWO hours on a Saturday afternoon. I was expecting to be there a really long time. Thank the Lord for small blessings!

I knew he was on the mend this morning when he came into our room and exclaimed "I'm feeling better!" When all weekend all he could say is "I feel bad". Poor boy.

But wait! When we got to Mere and Ryan's house for his party we noticed his eye looked kind of red...hmmm. Now he has pink eye! Great! Can you say immuno suppressed?

We had a great party over at Mere and Ryan's! Ryan cooked some awesome burgers, we opened presents and ate cake and Bowen got to play with his presents till his heart's content! Thank goodness we hadn't planned a big party on Saturday that I would have had to cancel because Bowen got sick! Whew! I worked out great and I loved having a family party, it was perfect.

Here are some pictures of our 4 year old boy!