Monday, March 31, 2008

Birthday Weekend in Review

I had a febulous birthday weekend! I tell everyone that asks my life has only gotten BETTER the older I get, it's great!

Mom came into town on Saturday evening and the crew minus Paco went to eat at Pappas Burgers, if you haven't tried it yet, run and have one of their yummy burgers and sinful shakes. Mom also brought a chocolate fudge cake from McKay's bakery in Abilene, I enjoyed every bite I ate, it was divine.

Sunday morning we all met at Ol'South for breakfast. Then Mimi and Laine went to Dallas to see High School Musical on Ice. Jonathan and I took Bowen to see Horton Hears a Who and then they took a nap while I shopped. I found a cute, summery tote and some new earrings. It was a nice afternoon.

As always, here are some pictures:

Friday, March 28, 2008

Time flies when you're having fun!

15 days ago we were just beginning the beast that is called "recovery". I didn't think we were going to survive those first 48 hours, but we did. Then I thought we wouldn't survive past 9 days (that's how long the doctor said recovery would be, he was perfectly correct), but we did. Today Bowen received his all clear from the ENT, the only lasting effect of the surgery is a voice that constantly sounds like Bowen has been sucking on a helium-filled balloon. It's pretty funny but I hope it gets better!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bowen, meet your friends for life!

Tess Tickle


Ima Ball

Being the mother of a boy is quite the adventure. Last week I was changing Bowen's diaper and he was playing with himself just like he always does when a questioning look washed over his little face. And the conversation went a little like this:

Mommy, what's that? (poking at his scrotum)

Me: ----? (Ok brain, how do I answer this question? Do I go with the anatomically correct term? Hmmm.... DO I say balls? No, not balls that would be really confusing to a ball-loving two year old. Do I say nads, huevos, jewels, sac, scrot, WHAT?)

Bowen: Mommy, what's that? (still poking) Is it poop?

Me: No, it's not poop.

Bowen: Mommy, what's that?

Me: It's your testicles.

Bowen: Tecticle?

Me: Yes. Or you can call them balls.

So, what would you, or do you, call them in your family?


Look at the Ware family and how cute and put-together they look. Look at the Williams and see how dorky they look.
We're looking better here just really squinty, it was cloudy but still sunny.
What a cute Easter bunny!
I bought 2 dozen cascarones (confetti eggs) at the local Fiesta. The grimace on my face is there because Bowen couldn't make the eggs crack so he just pushed on my head REALLY hard to try to break it.

Laine was off having a grand Easter in East Texas, we missed her madly. This will always be remembered as the Easter (and Spring Break) of disbursement.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The big 3-5


Yes, today Jonathan turns thirty-five. The kids and I had a surprise party for him on Wednesday since Laine was going to be at Pop and Gran's house on the actual day. We got balloons, streamers, horns, made a cake and got him his present. He was so excited, he had never had a surprise party before.

Bowen managed to give Jonathan an early present yesterday. I was happily shopping for shoes in Nordstrom's yesterday and I called to check in and all Jonathan could say was: OH. MY. GOSH. You see, Bowen snuck into the kitchen while Jonathan was outside working and got the peanut butter jar. He opened it, stuck his hands in it, put it on his hair, his face, his clothes. Jonathan said it was EVERYWHERE. My sweet husband spent 35 minutes cleaning up peanut butter off the kitchen and off Bowen. All I could do was laugh really hard. Too bad he didn't get pictures.

As for Birthday festivities we are going to enjoy the great weather and go eat at Ocean Rock this evening. YUM!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grease Monkey

Last night it seemed like Bowen's pain medicine had something special in it, something that caused him to not sleep. We started putting him to bed about 8:30 and he just kept getting up. Finally he was quiet and we all know that means trouble. Actually not totally quiet every once in a while I could hear him humming happily. About 10 minutes later he shyly walked into the living room and he was covered in something that looked like snot. It was in his hair, on his shirt and all over his hands and arms. Of course we just had to laugh and THEN figure out what it was because it wasn't snot. Do you guys know what Aquaphor is? Well, if you don't it's basically a really good emollient like vaseline. It seems like he got into the jar and had a hay day with it, then tried to clean it up with wipes. It was EVERYWHERE, I would have taken pictures but it was all over me too, the camera would have died. I washed his hair this morning and this is what it looks like now, BTW it is totally dry:

In health news, Bowen is still needing meds every three hours, but from what I understand after today he will only go uphill. Let's hope so.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A ray of sunshine...

in more ways than one!

Bowen's night last night and day today was really bad, I even called the doctor to see about increasing his pain medicine.

When Laine and I got home today we sent Jonathan out of the house and I put Bowen down for a nap. He slept about an hour, the most he'd slept all day. When he woke up he was like a whole new man! It was so nice to see him happy. He wanted a popsicle so we went outside and ate popsicles in the warm sun and played with the water hose. Here are some pictures:

And one of Blake because she's so cute!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


We are finally home. The surgery itself went really well, no complications. Jonathan took Bowen back where they give him "giggle juice" before taking him back to the OR. He got a few videos of him being all spaced out on the meds, I'll see if I can post them later. About 30 minutes after he went back, Dr. Burkett came out to talk to us. He told us situations in which we should call him or head to the ER. The most disturbing one was "if he has a fever of 106..." I'm standing there thinking, if he has a fever of 106, won't he just burst into flames? Wow, I'm pretty sure I'd call at 105, right when he's turning into molten lava.
Being in recovery was really hard mostly because all Bowen did was cry. He cried because of the tubes and wires that were taped to him, he cried to turn a movie on, he cried when I brought him the wrong book, he cried when I tried to get him to drink or lick his Popsicle, and finally he was crying when he told me to stop looking at him.
We were really glad to get him home so he could sleep. That is what he is doing right now, we are all relieved and happy to be home.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On your mark, get set, GO!

Bowen's surgery is tomorrow at 10:15, as you can see we have lots of drugs for him post surgery. We have Hydrocodone, an ear drop, an antibiotic and most importantly a anti-nausea suppository. Eeek. Will give a report after we get home.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hit me baby one more time

That was not what the lady was saying when I ran into her car with my big-ass truck.

If you know Jonathan's truck, you know I was the winner over the Honda Accord. I'm OK, the truck is OK, it just seems I knocked off her side mirror and marked the side of her car with my tire. Jeez. The police officer was nice and didn't give me a ticket even though it was totally my fault.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Thursday, March 06, 2008

My week in Review

After a wonderful trip to Abilene where we ate great food, bought an expensive new camera (a Canon Rebel xti if you're interested), and went to see two Academy Award nominated movies (Juno, No Country for Old Men), there was Monday: I went out to start the car and to my great surprise, Bowen's side of Myrtle had been open all night in the rain. Yes. Holy. Shit. When I say wet I mean when I took his seat out of the car, water POURED out of it. My seat was even wet, I had to sit on trash bags on the way to school. I quickly got some towels and newspaper, got his seat out of the truck, switched Laine's seat to the very back and I was only three minutes late to school. This was not before I called my husband a bad name and gave him the bird because he was being less than helpful. We apologized later. I cried my make-up off on the way to school. The rest of the day was a fiasco, especially the part where we had to load the crib, changing table and crib mattress up in the truck in the rain/sleet. I had a large glass of wine with some wine on the side when we got home.

Tuesday: Shopped Just Between Friends sale, got some cute stuff for the kids.

Wednesday: Worked JBF sale with Meredith, it was fun although Mere was a better cashier on her first time than I was on my third sale. It was fairly humorous.

Thursday: I was SUPPOSED to go get my hair did today but because of the weather had to cancel, that caused me to say bad words. Thankfully she rescheduled for Saturday. Gymnastics was cancelled and now we're just waiting to see if we'll have school tomorrow. The snow is pretty cool even though it's totally time for Spring.

Stupid Blogger won't let me upload pics, maybe later.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Camera!

I LOVE today!

Because I get to vote, not only vote but vote for someone I'm really excited to vote for.