Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hazardous Material

SO Laine woke up last night around midnight crying because she had to tee-tee really bad. So she went but she was still crying. Jonathan reached over to comfort her and felt the flames of death eminating from her skin. Her took her temp and it was over 103. Yikes. It was Jonathn's turn to stay home so I made an appointment for her at the doctor. At school that morning when I dropped Bowen off we walked into a very quiet classroom and that was because there were only 3 other boys there. Everyone else was sick. About noon the Learning Center called and said Bowen had a temp again and that I needed to come get him. I ran over to pick him up and there were only two other kids there, two others had gone home sick before Bowen. Yikes. SO Jonathan came to my school, picked Bowen up and took both kids to the doctor. The doctor ran a flu test and a strep test on Laine. Let's see, which one woould you choose if you had to if you said the flu because it's way worse and takes longer to recover, you are correct, Laine has the flu which probably means Bowen has it too along with strep. Stay away from our house were are a BIOHAZARD.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A few of MY favorite things:

My first favorite thing is my newest favorite thing, I love the way the Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer makes my eyes look bright and awake!

My favorite snack or item to go with a sandwich Ritz baked chips in Veggie flavor, yum!

My favorite place to get a burger is Kincaid's, it might get bumped tonight, I'm going to try Dutch's on University.

Best drink of all time.

My favorite overall place to eat, my order: enchiladas modern with sour cream sauce.

I love my terry cloth robe from VS, it keeps me warm after my shower and no need for a towel!

My favorite store to browse in is Sephora, it used to be Ulta but Sephora is way fancier and has more fun stuff to try.

BTW, Bowen has strep again, we're going to have an ENT consult on the biggest tonsils in the world.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Cute Pictures

We are recovering at the Williams' house. Jonathan is on the mend, I ate food today. Bowen is the only one still puny, he is running a fever and I think I'm going to stay at home with him tomorrow.
I have to give props to Pace for finishing the Benbrook Half in less than 2 hours, way to go Pac!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

We are a sad sight...

Jonathan has some form of the flu, he's miserable

I have had an upset tummy today (the runs at the zoo is NO fun), I'm sure I have the bug that is running rampant in my school.

Bowen was miserable while ago because he was constipated, thank goodness a warm bath and some juice cleared him out.

Laine is the only one that is totally OK today.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Bowen: Before and After

OK, after the haircut I was TOTALLY freaking out because the way the girl fixed made it look uneven and nerdy. I was really regretting wanting to get is cut short. But a little Bed Head Manipulator fixes everything. None of these after pictures are great because Bowen refuses to take a normal, look at the camera and smile picture right now. Maybe I can get some more later.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The eyes have it...

OK here is what I need from my blog readers, an honest opinion on my eye make-up. I've been having lots of allergy related darkness under my eyes. The first picture was over Christmas and I have no concealer on under my eyes. The second two picture are from today after I went to the Bobby Brown make-up counter in Nordstom and had them correct and conceal under my eyes. I think it looks really good and Jonathan noticed as soon as walked in that something was different about my look. My question is, can you tell a noticeable difference? And if you can is it a good difference. My first inclination is to go back tomorrow and buy that stuff up but I want to see what you guys think.

Where all the magic happens...

We moved this desk downstairs when we made upstairs a playroom. I LOVE our initials above the desk and really love our computer screen. You can't see the details but I acquired a Jesus clock at a white elephant gift exchange, it's awesome.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

* I hate it when I cook a sucky supper, tonight was one of those nights. Don't make enchiladas with smoked chicken, or maybe do if you want some quality dog food.

*Meredith found my SUNGLASSES! YAHOO! I finally bought some big girl sunglasses (read expensive) this summer and I thought I had lost them, but she found them in her purse, my guess is I accidentally put them in her purse instead of mine at the hospital.

* I hate insurance.

* Two Aleve + two mucinex D = a very good afternoon at school

* I really want a new tattoo, what can I do to convince Jonathan this is a good idea?

* Please continue to pray for the right doors to open for Jonathan, if you know what I mean.

* We have decided Bowen's hair has gone from cute to scruffy so we are going to get a new style for him.

* Valentine's Day is WAY too close to Christmas.

* Being Type A is really hard work sometimes.

* Locking lug nuts aren't just to keep your tires from being stolen.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Worst Parenting Story...

I read lots of blogs and one that I read had a contest the other day so see who had the worst parenting story. I was too late to enter but I feel like this one might have been in the top 10 at least.

Let's see...we had just gotten back in town from somewhere (or maybe it was back from staying at the Veale's all July) any way it was hot weather. In our house we are not always prompt at picking up sippie cups so it is common to find a sippie with spoiled milk in it. Well, Bowen one day, found a sippie cup that I guess had been under the Entertainment Center for a LONG TIME and decided to take a bog swig off it. I know, that is extremely gross all by itself, but the worst part is when he spit it out maggots, yes, maggots came out of his mouth too. Beat that suckas.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Aaaaaaand, I'm back.

Wow, this has been the busiest Holiday season ever! The highlight of course being the arrival of Blake.

At the beginning of the break we went to Jasper to have Christmas with Jonathan's family. We left the Friday we got out of school and got there Friday evening. We had some great hang out time on Saturday and then early Sunday morning my mother-in-law walked into our bedroom with the phone and I immediately knew what was going on. It was mom calling to say that Mere was in the hospital and would not leave without a baby. I quickly took a shower, packed some essentials and got on the road to Fort Worth. I made record time, a little less than 4 hours, and was at the hospital in time to wait for Blake's arrival. After she was born we had holding time and picture time and then I went home to spend the night, went back to the hospital Christmas Eve morning and then drove back to Jasper in time for Christmas Eve present opening.

We drove back to Fort Worth and the day after Christmas had Christmas with Mimi, Paco, Mere, Ryan and Blake. It was wonderful to look over and be surprised to see a baby instead of a big tummy! That night we went to a Stars game, Bowen and Laine had a grand time riding the TRE and going to the magnificent American Airlines Center, the game was fun, lots of goals.

A couple of days later we hosted the gang from San Angelo for Christmas. Man, we ate great food, opened presents and had a fun time on New Years' Eve playing games with Mere, Ryan, Koby, Robin, Justin (Jonathan's brother) and Leslie (Justin's girlfriend). Linda helped me redo my crosses in my Living Room, we shopped and visited.

That is a very brief version of the marvelous Christmas our family had. Truthfully, it is going to go down as one of my favorite Christmases ever. We really enjoyed hosting meals at our house and having way too many people sleeping in way too little space.

I'm sure I'll think of some good stories to tell soon, I'm still digesting what a special family I have and all the fun things we've done together this Christmas.

Happy New Year, here's to a great 2008!