Sunday, July 30, 2006

4 years old

What a fabulous birthday party we had on Saturday! Laine was fancy in her dress-up clothes and got so many cool presents! Here are her and her friends right before the fashion show!

It was hotter than blue blazes at Central Market, but I was so glad that the party was not at my house. I was going to do a fancy post with a picture of Laine from her actual birth day to age 4. I go to get the CD of her birth and open it up and there aren't any pictures realted to her as a newborn...Jonathan has some searching to do tonight.

What a beautiful sweet little girl I have!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cooler weather here we come!

We're off tomorrow to the moutians of New Mexico! I'm so excited to feel cooler temperatures and see some beautiful scenery. I'm sure I'll have some good stories when we return.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Randomness...

1. Childrens' birthdays are fun in theory, but the planning isn't so much fun.

2. Can't wait for Ruidoso

3. A 14 week old puppy, Robin!

4. I'm done with swimming lessons for the summer, yahoooo!

5. That alos means I'm done with extra $ and a good tan.

6. I love having Mere and Ryan close to us!

7. It's a good thing Bowen is cute or we might sell him on the front yard.

8. The words "another baby" came out of my mouth today, I mean what do you say after that?

9. I wish my boobs were a little bit bigger...maybe you could loan me some Robin!?

10. Last night Laine fell asleep at 6:00 and slept until 8:00 this AM.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Who the heck is this guy?

I'll give you a hint, he's in my family!

What a week...

First let me say that our Cruise was stupendous! We enjoyed every minute of it, well, maybe not the part when the ship rocked so much you would bump into people in the halls, but everything but that. We sunned ourselves, read books, gambled, ate and ate, shopped etc... We decided that we had the perfect length vacation because by the last night we were ready to go home and see the kids!

On to other news:
Jonathan is having some tests run because he has some "groin" issues going on, he has an elevated white blood cell count. Our doctor thinks it's probably a hernia in a weird spot that she couldn't find (Jonathan said she checked EVERYTHING, if you know what I mean). So we think he's going in for a CT scan tomorrow to have a look see. This goes along with the fact that Jonathan probably has a torn rotator cuff from his accident that broke his leg, we'll find out more about that July 15th. He's falling apart on me! Seriously, this is really stressful for both of us having just recovered from his leg injury. Eeek.

A good bedtime story:

Once upon a time a little girl was flushing the potty when her brother waltzed into the bathroom tennis ball in hand. The little girl's beautiful mother watched in amusement as little brother chunks ball into flushing toilet thinking "that ball can't fit down the toilet". Let me tell you guys a tennis ball CAN be flushed down the toilet, this does not mean that it finishes the trip to the sewer line. I know have one totally useless bathroom that has shit in it and another bathroom that you can shit in but not shower, what the hell! Hopefully this will be resolved manana.

I did get a pedicure on Tuesday, so my feet have looked stupendous throughout these ordeals!

Here are some pics!