Saturday, April 29, 2006

Aaaaaaahhhhh! Son of a...

Today is one of those days where i have felt the weight of having two children. Laine was invited to attend a birthday party of Jake who is the son of a teacher at my school and the brother of a girl in her class. I considered not going but in the end guilt won and we hurriedly got ready to go ( I didn't even take a shower or wash my hair so we could get there sooner). So we're ready and Bowen is crying because he is sleepy so I start looking for my keys so we could go and he could just sleep in the car. So I looked for my keys, more looking, looked some more, and looked again. OK picture this in your mind: Baby crawling around behind you crying while looking for keys. He is stopping every so often to put his head to the ground and let out a louder more frantic cry. This goes on for ohhh so long. Finally I just gave up and sat down with Bowen, he immediately went to sleep and I had to break the news to Laine that we couldn't go to the party because Myrtle could not go anywhere without keys. Poor Laine. As a conso lation about 20 minutes later after lunch she asked if I would paint her toenails, I said yes and she came running back with my keys! They were in the box I have all my nail polish in?! I would still be looking for my keys if I hadn't agreed to give a pedicure!
About that time my friend Julie called because we were going to go over and decorate our friends' house who are bringing home their adopted baby today! Woohoo! I asked if I needed to bring anything, she said no just the cookies...I spoke in my most normal voice "OK see you in a bit". Then I hung up and started making the cookies I forgot to make, luckily they were the frozen pre-measured ones I just had to make some blue icing to go on top. Eeek. What a Saturday, Bowen hasn't been happy all day because he's working on his top two teeth, hopefully they'll poke through before his party.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Jonathan and I attended prom on Friday night and it was a lot of fun! My favorite public passtime is people watching and both did I have lots of that to do. It was great being around high school kids, they are funny and mostly care-free and they all had a fabulous time. Besides that our weekend was relaxed. Jonathan got his cast off today! He has to use crutches for another month but he can drive and ride bikes or swim for exercise. He was bummed about the crutches but his doctor said his tibia fracture wasn't healed enough to support his full weight. I know he's so relieved that he can rely on himself to go places instead of everyone else. He does however have a hotdog leg because his ankle is so swollen from not having the cast on it, it looks pretty funny. The countdown to Bowen being one has begun, I'm so excited for his party and just happy that he's a good and happy baby!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Way past my bedtime...

Yes this is way past my bedtime, but I'm just not sleepy tonight. Just wanted to let ya'll know that I'm still alive and kicking! Let's see Bowen had Roseola last weekend, of course we didn't know that's what it was until I took him to the doctor after it was done being contagious. Poor Bowen he's had a rough first year, but I'm not even getting into the year old thing right now, I'll have to say though he has gotten better with age! God had been granting me such peace the past week or two, I felt great about my life in general, very satisfied, patient, just really good. Then, poof, today satan snuck in and rained on my parade. I think he tries to get you with the little things sometimes, or maybe he tries to rattle you with $52 in the checking account and payday isn't until NEXT FRIDAY... what the heck. I'm so excited about going to Abilene this weekend, God wins because that makes me feel peaceful again!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Tits McGee and Bowen McButterpants reporting...

Well weaning has gone fairly well, the pain was the worst on Friday and Saturday. I pumped a little off each night so I could sleep then Sunday everything leveled off. Bowen is great with the bottle and when I didn't have to lug my pump to school today, I felt great.

OK, so Bowen has been waking up at night and he hasn't done that since he had his last ear infection. So I finally called the doctor today and took him in. I was concerned because he was spitting up frequently, I thought his reflux might be getting worse instead of better. Dr. Lewis was also concerned and asked lots of questions about his behavior, # of times he was spitting up, she looked at his ears and felt his tummy. Then she asked, how much formula is he eating? Ummmm, he has about 5 bottles a day with 6-8 ounces in each one. I could see that that was it. She was so nice and told me that his formula or breastmilk requirement was 24-26 ounces, maybe a little more because he's so tall. Blink. Blink. So, she told be to cut back on the formula, obviously. So he wasn't spitting up because of his reflux, it was because he had so much liquid in him it was eeking out his mouth! To my defense, he w's spitting up before I weaned him too. So now our plan is to add more solids and take away one bottle, yikes, at the rate I was going he really would have been a Bowen McButterpants.

We also had one giant leap for mankind at our house tonight! Bowen has had some issues with finger foods, basically before tonight he would eat cheerios, bananas, and crackers. Everything else would either come right back out or make him gag. Now we can add greenbeans to his repertoire, yipee, maybe I won't send him to kindergarten with a luchbox full of cheerios, bananas, and crackers!